Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Coming Soon: Teaching Tidbits, a Pedagogy Blog for Mathematics Instructors

Welcome to Teaching Tidbits, a new blog hosted by the Mathematical Association of America, written for mathematics instructors by mathematics instructors. As seasoned instructors and professors, we recognize how challenging it is to keep up with all of the latest educational research and pedagogical practices that are coming out each year. We all want to engage our students and invigorate our classes, but it can be a struggle to find the time to research, plan, and execute these ideas.

To help you find the latest advancements in pedagogy, we created Teaching Tidbits: a blog that will provide quality instruction ideas in succinct posts that you can read before class and implement the same day. You can even read it on your smartphone or tablet while you walk to class! Teaching Tidbits will post our first tidbit in a few weeks, at the start of the new academic year. Our experts, Jessica M. Deshler, Dana C. Ernst, Rachel Levy, Lew Ludwig, Rejoice Mudzimiri, and Julie Phelps will be providing their insights in posts published every other Tuesday during the fall and spring academic semesters. Stay tuned for our posts, coming soon!