Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Farewell from the Teaching Tidbits Blog

Thank you for visiting the Teaching Tidbits blog, hosted by the Mathematical Association of America, written for mathematics instructors by mathematics instructors. Since 2016, we have been posting regularly during the academic year to help you keep up with the latest educational research and pedagogical practices as the MAA IP Guide was being developed.

With 121,470 total pageviews, and 34 total blog posts, we have helped you find and implement the latest advancements in evidence-based pedagogy for your math courses. We all want to engage our math students and invigorate our math classes, and we recognize the challenges of finding the time to research, plan, and execute new ideas. The short and practical posts can serve as a evidence-based resource for new faculty workshops and ongoing professional development. You might even try using one as food for thought to spark discussion about pedagogy in department meetings. Keep this site bookmarked and connect others to the collective wisdom of the Teaching Tidbits blog.

We hope you will let us know how the Teaching Tidbits blog is helpful to you as you improve your teaching and your students' learning.

Thank you for your support!

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