Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Teaching Tidbits Blog 5 Most Popular Posts

As the summer approaches, the MAA Teaching Tidbits blog is coming to a close after two successful years of helping to increase student engagement in math courses and helping to build confidence and skills in math faculty.

The blog was designed to be a source for evidence-based teaching practices while the MAA Instructional Practices Guide was in development. Now that the MAA Instructional Practices Guide is available, we encourage our readers to refer to our blog posts for an in-depth treatment of course design, classroom practices, and assessment. Thank you to our readers for their support. We hope you found Teaching Tidbits a useful resource to help improve your math classroom.

Of our 34 posts over the last two years, these are the 5 most popular posts:

We hope you will continue to share the tips on this blog with colleagues and let us know how it has been useful to you. Thank you for your support of the blog!

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